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Laravel 5 with CloudFront

Basically, you should accept all HTTP headers. Also, you should pass the necessary headers and cookies.



Laravel – Google 2Factor Auth


Activated Two Factor Auth


Remove Redundant Rows in a Cell

In the replace field, input Alt+10.

Restore Real IP in Nginx Reverse Proxy

Compile Nginx with real ip module. The origin server will then be able to get the real ip address from...

Fix the Arrow Keys and Backspace in PHP Artisan

Apt insall rlwrap, then run rlwrap php artisan. This should work.

IP Address CIDR Chart

IP Address CIDR Chart

Fix /usr/bin/env: ‘php’: No such file or directory

Add a soft link to /usr/local/bin/php should solve the problem.

Configure AWS for Pureftpd

The ftp account is correct, but failed to get directory list: “Could not retrieve directory listing”. Strange, isn’t it? At...