SSLH with Transparent Support

Updated to make transparency proxy work for sslh. Fix the “setsockopt: Operation not permitted when using init.d” error. No need to run as root.

Git Clone

Prepare compile environment

Compile sslh

Copy startup and configuration files into target location

Modify the startup file: /etc/init.d/sslh

Modify the configuration file: /etc/sslh/sslh.cfg

Update Firewall


Add the following 2 lines to startup:


  1. SSLH Homepage
  2. SSLH Github
  3. Run Both SSHD and Nginx on Port 80
  4. [sslh] setsockopt: Operation not permitted when using init.d

4 Responses to “SSLH with Transparent Support

  • hi, 我想 80 同时访问 22 和 nginx,环境是 centos rpm 安装 1.18,没有你说的这些文件,也找不到。官方说明文档就一句话….

    • flymemory
      4 years ago


      cfg 文件是自己创建的,执行文件 sslh 也是自己放进去的。


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